Meet the Community

NieuwLand is solidary and self-built space for living and working, and a non-commercial, volunteer-run social-political centre in Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam Oost.


Meet our living  tribu Woehoe is the a team of eleven people creating living and sharing the building every day.


Meet the NieuwLand collective whom organises a monthly program with documentary, film and discussion nights, workshops, garden days, chess nights, and cultural events for the neighborhood and beyond. If you would like to contribute by organising an event please contact us at:


Meet our  workingspaces tribus: on the ground floor of the right side of the building. We have choosen five Initiatives for the use of those spaces, and they also will get actively involved in the administration of the building and the running of the public space.


We are the FietsKliniek! We fix and recycle bicycles by reusing secondhand bike parts. There is no problem we can’t solve!


Luk Hop Moon Kung Fu 

 LHM Martial Club is the place where people can practice Kung Fu and Lion Dance in a cozy atmosphere and with mutual respect.



BalkonTactics – Public lab for digital self-defense 

 We are interested in politics, communication and technology, which comes to be called techno-politics. We observe, investigate, learn and debate about their interactions. As well as the relations between the spread use of Internet and privacy options.


We are a printing collective that strives to form part of a radical infrastructure in the form of bizarrely cheap printing for revolutionary organisations!


 Hermes Boekhouden

 Womens Walet