Paper Jam

We are a printing collective that strives to form part of a radical infrastructure in the form of bizarrely cheap printing for revolutionary organisations!

What even is a Paper Jam?

We are a revolutionary printing collective! We strive to form part of a radical infrastructure in the shape of bizarrely cheap printing for revolutionary organisations! Here at Paper Jam we try to run our shit non-commercial, that means that we ask a donation instead of a set price to just cover the printing costs (and maybe buy some bread and hummus to support us in not dying).

We started this, as activists ourselves, because we realised just how troublesome sneaking into an office to illegally print off your boss’ computer and how extortionate ordering prints from a corporation can be.
Our mission:

We want to be there for activists that need a load of emergency flyers for a demo. We want support up-and-coming community organisations that are low on funds. Ideally we would like to surcompass the idea of printing posters all together and help out Gary, our industrial strength anarcho-surrealist printer, in becoming a fully automated custard printing luxury communist.

What can we help with?

– We can print full colour and black and white A4 and A3. We can also cut these up for you in tiny flyer sized bites: A5, A6, A7.
– Offer tips and tricks on how to do poster runs and maybe even getting some comrades together for a joined wallpapering session.

– Offer advice on posters and flyers or even help out designing.
– In the future we’d like to expand and learn how to print stickers, silk screening cloth or even grow prosthetic robotic arms.

Suggested donations (will probably get cheaper in the future when we paid back our printer):
A3: 4 cents
A4: 2 cents

mail to:

You can reach us through e-mail at Or you can come walking in during our weekly walk-in hour: every Friday from 15:00-16:00 at the NieuwLand