Radical Fringe

A weekly drop in salon for hair styling, getting your nails done, swapping make up tips, chatting gender theory, reading and sharing zines!

Every saturday  12.00-17.00.

The radical fringe exists to create a new vision of what hair and beauty can be; embracing the immense role that hair and beauty can be for people in terms of exploring, expressing their identities, celebrating, and reveling in our bodies within a culture which teaches us only insecurity, competition and self hatred.

The idea was born out of the nervousness and anxiety that we experienced as queer and trans people having to work up the courage to go to commercialized hair and beauty places.

It was born out of the hundred of awful haircuts accepted with a false smile, and later lamented in a distraught, dysphoric pile on the bathroom floor.
It is a response to the cissexist assumptions about what a “men’s” or “women’s” haircut should be, from not understanding the technical babble spouted at us, from hairdressers working too quickly due to the incentive to make profit- and from simply not being able to afford most salons.

As such, we operate on pay-as-you-can-basis, to be as open as possible for people of all economic backgrounds.

In our work, you set the pace, as we regularly check in with you to see that you are getting the look that empowers you, and shows the world the way you want to be seen.

We avoid technical language in describing procedures, and instead rely on open, friendly conversation with the client, taking the time for you to express the look you want, in whatever way works for you.

We will NEVER tell you that what you want is wrong, but instead, will attempt to be the means to you realizing your vision.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT A COMMERCIAL HAIRDRESSERS; because of the way we work, we cannot guarantee that you will necessarily get your hair cut at the drop-in salon- itś first come, first serve, and sometimes it can take longer than others. To ensure the liklihood of getting a cut, come early, or contact us to book an apointment outside of salon hours!

To book an appointment outside of salon hours, message the FB or email: theradicalfringe [AT] hairdresser [DOT] net.

Love and solidarity,
The Radical fringe crew