Join the Public Space

Our public space operates as DIY social-political center where residents, neighbours and organisers host their initiatives and collaborate to build a public program together.

A number of likeminded collectives and individuals manage the space as a commons and use it to organise public and private activities. Our activities are either regular or one-off events, and are always non-commercial, social-political and community-oriented.

We never ask for an entrance fee and we regularly host benefit events for political causes –and yet we still have to pay a monthly rent in order to maintain our autonomy. This is only possible with the generous donations that we receive during our events. The best way to support us is to keep the space busy with activities!

Join us

Perhaps you would like to organise a practical workshop, a reading group, a film screening or an acoustic performance. Perhaps you are a collective that is looking for a space to meet and to host events on a somewhat regular basis. Or maybe you are interested in giving us a hand with our existing program. Come meet us on a Friday eve or during another event. You can also send an e-mail to or fill out the contact form.


Main hall • for public events • vegan kitchen • refreshment counter • projector&screen • 50-ish people capacity • speakers

Meeting room • for more private activities • flipchart, whiteboard • 25 people capacity • computer

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