We have the permits!!!

Friday, 21st November: At exactly 10:58h, on behalf of Soweto woningbouwvereniging, board members Carla and Clemens signed the contract that makes us the proud owner of our first building.

It was an exciting moment at our notary’s office, waiting for the bank’s notary to approve. After having signed all necessary papers, it only slowly emerged to us that we just purchased the Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95.

The work is far from being over – however, thanks to a first installment from the bank together with all other support, we managed to acquire the building – a huge achievement!

Next steps are to continue working on more funding in order to rebuild the house. Parallel to that we are already preparing for the renovation work – updates about tools, plans and lots of volunteers will follow soon. And, there will be a party…tbc