NieuwLand is a community project combining a living collective, workplaces and a social-political neighbourhood centre in Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam Oost. We host non-commercial, volunteer-run activities based on solidarity and self-organisation. Discover the collectives that are part of NieuwLand!


The public space in NieuwLand is managed together by residents, neighbours and collectives. We coordinate and host public and private activities that are either regular or one-off events, but always non-commercial, social-political and community-oriented.

Are you looking for a space to host a meeting or workshop, a reading group, a film screening, a game night or an acoustic performance? Please check the information in this section to get an idea what is possible!


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A place like NieuwLand can only exist through the contributions of volunteers and friends, who know of the importance of places like NieuwLand, which exist as an alternative to an individualistic society, a capitalist economy and a gentrifying neighbourhood

You can make donation via THIS LINK (remember to fill in date and name of group in the note) or throught our bank account (NL34TRIO01977884 40 t.n.v. Vereniging Publiekepiet, Amsterdam).

Please consider a small (or large) donation when you participate in an activity or event. There is a donation jar on the bar.

But the best to support us is to keep the space busy with activities you can organise yourself!


You can also donate time or energy. If you would like to help with an activity or if you have an idea to organize something yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you!