The public space in NieuwLand is managed together by residents, neighbours and collectives. We coordinate and host public and private activities that are either regular or one-off events, but always non-commercial, social-political and community-oriented.

We never ask for an entrance fee and we regularly host benefit events for political causes —and yet we still have to pay a monthly rent in order to maintain our autonomy. This is only possible with the generous donations that we receive during our events.


You can also make donation throught bank account (NL34 TRIO 0197 7884 40 t.n.v. Vereniging Publiekepiet, Amsterdam) or click HERE. The best to support us is to keep the space busy with activities you can organise yourself!


Perhaps you would like to organize a practical workshop, a reading group, a film screening, a game night or an acoustic performance. Perhaps you are a collective that is looking for a space to meet and to host events on a somewhat regular basis. Or maybe you are interested in supporting our existing programme by giving us a hand with cooking or serving.

The main space that can host up to 50 people and it comes with vegan kitchen, refreshment counter, video projector and sound system. There are also a separate meeting room for 15 people available for more private gatherings, and a room that is mostly used for yoga lessons. There is access to the garden until 10pm (if the weather allows).We also have a ramp now so the main space is wheelchair accessible (but the toilets are not! sorry, we are still working on that)

You might be wondering how to get involved! Come meet us during any other event! You can also send an e-mail to 

Looking forward to see you among us!




Saturday 04.03.23 the workspaces in NieuwLand organized an OPEN DAY!

Fietskliniek, WeRepair, Luk-Hop-Moon Martial Arts, d_D collective, and the other projects in Niewwland created an amazing day and an intimate look into our anticapitalist community!

go to this link and listen to the podcast that Anita Boelsums made for Sounds from East about this day :

Open dag NieuwLand podcast


Nieuw[er]Land had its first public meeting!

Last Monday, our very first public meeting brought together 20 enthusiastic people with diverse skills and experiences —all dedicated to make a postcapitalist urban commune a reality! We started with some presentations on Soweto, NieuwLand and the new project; you can find the slides here and here. After a round of introductions we split in two groups to discuss the material (design & sustainability) and immaterial (process & community) aspects more in depth. Below are some points that stood out:


  • The envelope (general dimensions of the building) is subject to change to better accommodate sound isolation specifications.
  • The first phase of the application is more about the process and financial model and less about the design.
  • There is a cooperative in the neighbourhood to use the heat from the data center nearby, we will get in touch with them.
  • We are dedicated to open-source our process and models to influence other projects.
  • The building could mark the location with a strong identity, inspiring vision.


  • We strive for an intentionally diverse community, with intergenerational, queer and racial representation, as well as abilities, origins and incomes.
  • “I want this project to happen, even if I don’t get to live there myself.”
  • Even if this specific application fails, we have the structure to keep working together, so we can carry this project elsewhere if necessary.
  • How could we involve the already-existing community and NOT to be a gentrification force against our will?
  • How much would we be comfortable with compromises, or alternatively, how much are we willing to try and bend the rules?


  • check out the Tumblr where you can post inspirations or questions!
  • signup on Slack to get more actively involved in the process!
  • spread the word about the next public meeting on 15 July 7pm!
  • save the date: 11 or 12 August for BBQ at Archimedesplantsoen!

…and let’s keep dreaming and scheming! 🏗

Solar panels

After spending quite a few hours on research, talking about permits,
different ‘monumental categories’ and of course drinking coffee,
we have a bunch of solar panels on the roof of the Nieuwland.

The revenue that they will generate -solar panels are financially
speaking very lucrative in the long run- will be distributed among
the different users of the building.

Anyone interested in the process,
please ask around!

We have the permits!!!

Friday, 21st November: At exactly 10:58h, on behalf of Soweto woningbouwvereniging, board members Carla and Clemens signed the contract that makes us the proud owner of our first building.

It was an exciting moment at our notary’s office, waiting for the bank’s notary to approve. After having signed all necessary papers, it only slowly emerged to us that we just purchased the Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95.

The work is far from being over – however, thanks to a first installment from the bank together with all other support, we managed to acquire the building – a huge achievement!

Next steps are to continue working on more funding in order to rebuild the house. Parallel to that we are already preparing for the renovation work – updates about tools, plans and lots of volunteers will follow soon. And, there will be a party…tbc