Arabic Lessons for Kids

We’re a group of parents who would like to expose our children to Arabic language.

What: Activities in Arabic (Levantine accent; Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan)
Ages: 2.5 years until 4 year

Location: NieuwLand

Time: 10:15-11:15am on 20.01; 03.02; 02.03; 16.03; 30.03; 13.04; 25.05; 08.06 .

Max number of children: 10 (5 spots already taken)

You are welcome to donate 100 euros (that’s 12.5 per class). We would like to keep the same group of children, that’s why the donation is for all the classes and not per class. As our goal is inclusive space for children, if the price is an obstacle, please contact us and don’t hesitate, we can minimise the amount or even eliminate it.

For any further questions, please write us at .