We are a group of workers united to support each other in conflicts at work. We know from our own experience that with a group you can get so much more done than when you are on your own. It is also really important to prepare for these kind of actions really well, with each other we can much easier figure out what is the right plan.

We are a group of volunteers, nobody gets paid to do this work. We’re not just some help organisation but a solidarity network. When we go for a conflict, we’ll not try to fix it for them but with them.

We’ve had multiple conflicts solved in the past. All of them were successful. For example here and here . Also, we have put focus on what is wrong with a specific chain of bars in Amsterdam. Due to our effort in this it was discussed in multiple media and in the Amsterdam council.

Do you want to join our solidarity network and unite with other workers or are you in trouble yourself and do you want to enter the fight with us?

Get in touch with us at info@vloerwerk.org or call us at 06 3154 2652