d_D collective

cooking, making, weaving, screening, sensing, giving, talking, playing, mapping, healing, workshopping, documenting, forming, witnessing, translating, transposing, publishing & unfolding.

Anna is smashing with a mortar and pestle
Siwar is talking, playing & mapping artistic vocabularies
Samira is weaving through participation
Julina is sensing systems of healing
Sarah is witnessing & juxtaposing cultural displacement by repositioning personal archives
Lama is healing feminist issues related to medical care
Ayman is translating & transposing languages through intimacy
Farah is screening & sculpting by using the body to protect the body

d_d is a multidisciplinary group of artists, designers, social practitioners, cooks and researchers. 

We are cultural practitioners, and much of our work is politically driven, focusing on issues such
as acts of solidarity, accessibility, decolonization, and housing rights. Concerning our art or design practices, we frequently collaborate with individuals and organizations involved in food, film, theater, music, and social justice.

Collectively we organize events, radio broadcasts, workshops, bar nights, dinners, and various forms of gatherings. Our activities are carried out collaboratively by members of the group as well as outside collaborators.

The group met during our course at Sandberg Instituut, and have been sharing a studio for almost two years. Our studio was located at Old School Amsterdam, where we also took part in caring for the building and organizing with other residents, and reaching out to the community in the neighborhood. 

Since November 2020, individuals from D_D have come together to organize events such as food gatherings, film clubs, workshops and making sessions in various fields of expertise, such as print-making, language conversations, radio shows, and celebrations. 

More informations about certain projects can be found on the website