Clothes Swap

Swap Dont Shop!

We are excited to announce that the clothes swap is back!!!
Now is the best time to swap all those thin fabrics back to thick cotton, to prepare for Winter.
However, don’t go out and fund the capitalist economy, come and swap them.
And at the same time enjoy a relaxed social environment. If you haven’t been before now is the best time to come and see what its all about.

The 3 Laws of the S W A P!
->There is no entry cost.
->You do not have to bring clothes in order to take things away.
->It is nice for everyone if you can bring clean clothes in decent condition.

Clothes Swap Collective!
We are a collective of volunteers who organise this event, not only because we enjoy it but because we find the current garment industry downright disgusting.
There are many ways to give us a hand, help with folding/hanging the clothes, decorate the space, baking, etc. If you sympathize with our cause please get in touch with us.

We look forward to seeing you again!